Q.1 Pharmacovigilance is used to monitor

a) unauthorized drug manufacturing

b) drug toxicity

c) pharmacokinetics

d) cost of drugs and pharmaceuticals


Q.2 Clonidine is

a) α1 – selective agonist

b) α2– selective agonist

c) α1– selective antagonist

d) α2 -selective antagonist


Q.3 Mala – N contains

a) Ethinyl Estradiol

b) Norethindrone

c) D-norgestrel

d) Norepinephrine


Q.4 Prolonged use of steroids may cause

a) hypoglycemia

b) hypotension

c) decrease in bone matrix protein

d) early healing of wound


Q.5 Anti-inflammatory action of glucocorticoids is due to blocking of

a) Prostaglandin synthase

b) Thromboxane synthase

c) 15-lipoxygenase

d) Breakdown of phospholipid


Q.6 Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certification in India is

a) Mandatory for all pharmaceutical industries

b) compulsory for industries which involve in manufacturing of biological

c) compulsory for industries which involve in manufacturing of non biological

d) optional for pharmaceutical industries


Q.7 Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certification is issued in India

a) Controller, Weights and Measures, Government of India

b) Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS),Government of India

c) Department of Science and Technology, Government of India

d) Drug Controller General of India (DCGI), Government of India


Q.8 Which of the following is second generation H1 –antihistamine?

a) Cetirizine

b) Cinnarizine

c) Pheneramine

d) Promethazine


Q.9 Prostaglandins have effects on variety of tissues in human body. The different prostaglandins  may have different effects. Which one of the following statements is not correct?

a) PGE2 is bronchodilator whereas PGF2α is a bronchoconstrictor

b) PGE2 has marked oxytocic action while PGF2α has oxytocolytic action

c) PGE1 ­and PGE2 inhibit platelet aggregation, whereas TXA2 aggregation

d) Human arteriolar smooth muscle is relaxed by PGE2 and PGi2 whereas TXA2 ­ and PGF2α cause vasoconstriction


Q.10 Which one of the statement is true regarding NSAID’s ?

a) They cause release of histamine

b) They cause  relaxation of bronchial smooth muscle

c) They indirectly increase leukotriene production

d) They cause airway irritation

1.b           2.b            3.b            4.c            5.d            6.b          7.c           8.a           9.c           10. c