1.  Which of the following anti-arrhythmic drug is having Iodine?

a. Disopyramide

b. Flecainide

c. Amiodarone

d. Quinidine

2. The quality of Coca leaves is mainly dependent on which of the following constituents?

a. Cocaine

b. Truxilline

c. Ecgonine

d. Cinnamyl cocaine

3. CH3O Na+ + CH3Cl     —->     CH3 – O – CH3 + NaCl
The above reaction is an example for which of the following?

a. Williamson reaction

b. Clemmenson reaction

c. Wurtz’s reaction

d. Reformatsky reaction

4. Which of the following gelatine concentration is used to determine the viscosity of gelatine used for the preparation of soft gelatine capsules?

a. 6 2/3 %

b. 7 2/3%

c. 5 2/3 %

d. 6 3/4%

5. Which of the following group is detected by using Herzig Meyer method?

a. Alkyl group

b. Hydroxy group

c. Alkoxy group

d. N-alkyl group

6. Which of the following drug blocks the sodium channel and dissociates slowly?

a. Quinidine

b. Lignocaine

c. Flecainide

d. Procainamide

7. According to Drugs and Cosmetics act, List of substances that should be sold by retail only on prescription of registered medical practitioner is given in which of the following Schedule?

a. Schedule ‘H’

b. Schedule ‘V’

c. Schedule ‘X’

d. Schedule ‘Q’

8. In HPLC, which pump gives a mobile phase flow rate dependent on column permeability?

a. Constant pressure pumps

b. Constant displacement pumps

c. Reciprocating pumps

d. Pneumatic pumps

9. Which of the following organism is the Source for amphotericin?

a. Streptomyces immodosus

b. Streptomyces nodosus

c. Streptomyces griseus

d. Streptomyces aureofaciens

10. Which of the following drug produces gastric irritation after micronization?

a. Phenobarbital

b. Tetracycline

c. Erythromycin

d. Nitrofurantoin


1 c 2 c 3 a 4 a 5 d 6 c 7 a 8 a 9 b 10 d