Conference on New Developments in Drug Discovery from Natural Products & Traditional Medicines (18-20 November 2016)


  • Provide leadership in pharmaceutical sciences
  • Advanced research in new and emerging areas
  • National/Interntional collaborative research
  • Human resource development
  • Media and curriculum development
  • Establishment of national centres
  • Sponsored projects
  • Promotion of community and institutional pharmacy
  • Study of sociologic aspects of drug use

Discovery of New Chemical Entities (NCEs) from natural products of terrestrial, microbial and marine origin in the following therapeutic areas:

  • Anti-diabetics, antioxidants and immunomodulation, adaptogens, anti-inflammatory agents, gynaecology and endocrine dysfunction, anticancer agents with apoptotic molecular basis, anti-protozoal and anti-infective agents, anti-obesity and anit-hyperlipidemic life cycle diseases.
  • Development of in-vitro testing models for screening of natural products in the above mentioned therapeutic areas.
  • Semi synthesis and synthesis of biologically active compounds along with generation of pseudo-natural products.


  • To lay down standards and effective quality controls on the herbal medicinal products.
  • To lay down standards and effective quality controls on the herbal medicinal products.
  • To create databases for identification and authentication of materials with well defined botanical and phytochemical characteristics.
  • To create quantitative standards for extracts and their formulations through chemo and bio-profilings.
  • To create standard protocols establishing purity of materials, identification of adulterants, substitutes, pathogenic bacteria & fungi, heavy metals and pesticide residues.

Natural Products have been regarded as mainstay of drug discovery programs as they offer unmatched chemical diversity with structural complexity and biological potency. India, with its rich biodiversity and millennia old traditional medicine system of Ayurveda, offers a unique opportunity to undertake rationalized drug discovery program based on herbal drugs for the benefit of man-kin. Research inputs to provide scientific basis to Ayurveda are the need of the hour. This provides for the unique advantages for pharma industry to enhance drug discovery programs in India. Searching for the natural products in untapped sources can lead us to new horizons where we can find novel, potent and selective drug leads. In order for natural product drug discovery to continue to be successful, new and innovative approaches are required. This conference will provide a platform for networking national and international researchers and pharma industry to harness the hidden potential of Mother Nature’s Combi-Lab.

The department is actively engaged in drug discovery and traditional medicine development programs.


  • Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
  • Lifestyle and Metabolic Disorders
  • Natural Products Chemistry – Isolation and Synthesis
  • Traditional Medicines and Formulations
  • Marine Natural Products
  • Inflammation and Immunological Disorders
  • Intellectual Property Rights

Fully completed registration forms should be sent with bank receipt by October 20, 2016. Registration will be confirmed after receipt of the documents as mentioned above. On spot registration can also be done at the conference secretariate which will be operating at the conference venue during the conference depending upon the availability of seats.

NIPER is located about 250 km north of Delhi at SAS Nagar (Mohali), Punjab on a total area of 130 acres. SAS Nagar is located close to Chandigarh and well connected by air, train & roads. Chandigarh Airport is about 4.2 km from conference venue, NIPER, SAS Nagar (approximately 14 minutes, drive by taxi). Four flights to Chandigarh are available from Delhi daily

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