1. Which of the following is the active metabolite of Quinidine?

a. 3-Hydroxy quinidine

b. 3-hydroxy quinine

c. 2-Hydroxy quinidine

d. 2-hydroxy quinine

2. Which of the following drug is aldehyde Dehydrogenase inhibitor?

a. Sedative

b. Hypnotic

c. Disulfiram

d. Methyl alcohol

3. Which of the following method is suitable for the sterilization of bone and tissue transplants?

a. Ionizing radiation

b. Gaseous sterilization

c. Dry heat sterilization

d. Moist heat sterilization

4. What is the location of chlorine in Chloroquine?

a. 4

b. 5

c. 6

d. 7

5. Which of the following amino acids contains imidazole ring?

a. Histidine

b. Asparagine

c. Tryptophan

d. Proline

6. The Allergic reaction caused by tetracycline is

a. Decrease in B.P.

b. Dermatitis

c. Urticaria

d. Leucopenia

7. Which of the following is the starting material for the biosynthesis of l-Hyoscyamine?

a. Tyrosine

b. Alanine

c. Valine

d. Phenyl alanine

8. Which of the following is not an example for synthetic hair dye?

a. Para toluene diamine

b. p-phenylenediamine

c. Sulpho-ortho-amino phenol

d. Lead acetate with precipitated sulphur

9. Which of the following drying method under controlled conditions results in changes in chemical composition?

a. Processing

b. Mulching

c. Curing

d. Fermentation

10. Which of the following is used in the Monteux test?

a. Old tuberculin

b. Diphtheria toxin

c. Serum antigen

d. Polysaccharide antigen


1 a 2 c 3 a 4 d 5 a 6 b 7 d 8 d 9 c 10 a