Q.1 Zeta potential

(p) Is the difference in potential between the surface of the tightly bound layer  and the electroneutral region

(q) Is the potential at the solid surface of the suspended particle

(r) can be positive, zero or negative

(s)  is the electrothermodynamic potential

a) P,R

b) P,S

c) Q,R

d) P,Q

Q.2 Anticholinergic drug used to treat Bronchial asthma is

a) Scopolamine               

b) Hyoscine butyl bromide       

c) Dicyclomine

d) Ipratropium Bromide

Q.3 Zero order reaction is shown by higher dosed of

a) Phenytoin     

b) Atropine

c) Diazepam                        

d) Phenformin

Q.4 Drug having low safty margin and need therapeutic drug monitoring is

a) Metformin   

b) Frusemide

c) Omeprazole                   

d) Digoxin

Q.5 Antacid which delays gastric emptying is

a) Magnesium hydroxide

b) Sodium bicarbonate

c) Aluminium hydroxide gel 

d) Magnesium trisilicate

Q.6 Broad spectrum Antiepileptic drug is

a) Sodium Valproate      

b) Phenytoin

c) Phenobarbitone                           

d) Clonzapam

Q.7 Aspirin is better absorbed from

a) Small Intestine            

b) Stomach

c) Lower part of small intestine                    

d) Colon

Q.8 Mefipristone is drug used for

a) Medical termination of pregnancy       

b) Hormone replacement therapy                                     

c) For treatment of breast carcinoma   

d) Treatment of Hot flushes

Q.9 Which of the following state is most stable state

a) singlet state

b) ground state

c) triplet state

d)  none of the above

Q.10 Two or more polar grouping situated in the same molecule but insulated electronically form each other by single bond influences one another if brought close together

(p) field effect                                                            

(q) dipolar, bonded interaction

(r) Effect of ring strain -bonded interaction                                        

(s) Dipolar , non bonded  interaction

a) PQ

b) PS

c) QR

d) QS

1.a        2.d         3.a          4.d         5.c          6.a          7.c          8.a     9.b    10.c