1. Regarding opioids:

 a) neonates have a blood – brain barrier for opioids

b) at the spinal level, only the receptors contribute to analgesia

c) the most reliable indicator of respiratory depression is a depressed response to CO2 challenge

d) tolerance develops with miosis


2.Which statement is false:

a) drug A with a higher potency can have a lower efficacy than drug B

b) drug A with a higher affinity for its drug receptors have a higher potency

c) drug A with a lower potency must have a lower efficacy than drug B

d) drug A with a higher potency than drug B, can still have the same efficacy


3.Local anaesthetic agents:

a) are primarily potassium channel blockers

b) prevent repolarisation of the membrane

c) can be used with a vasodilator to prolong local action

d) activity is enhanced by high extracellular K+ concentration


4. Drugs with NO significant effect on anticoagulant therapy include:

a) amiodarone

b) disulfiram

c) flucanazole

d) benzodiazepines


5. What amino acid in the binding site of the cholinergic receptor is involved in an ionic interaction with acetylcholine?

a) Histidine

b) Aspartic acid

c) Glutamic acid

d) Lysine


6. What are the products arising from the hydrolysis of acetylcholine?

a) Ethanoic acid and ethylamine

b) Methanoic acid and choline

c) Ethanoic acid and choline

d) Ethanoic acid, ethanol and ammonia


7.Which of the following is not an application for a muscarinic antagonist?

a) Ophthalmic examinations

b) Shutting down the gastrointestinal and urinary tracts during surgery

c) Treatment of motion sickness

d) Relaxation of skeletal muscle


8.What type of histamine receptor is associated with the dilation of blood vessels?

a) H1

b) H2

c) H3

d) H4


9. Which of the following would not have a C-H stretch at about 3050 cm-1?

a) 2-pentene

b) 2-methyl-2-pentene

c) 2,3-dimethyl-2-pentene

d) 1-pentene


10. Which of the following stretches tends to be the least intense?

a) C-H

b) C=C

c) C=O

d) O-H (carboxylic acid)

1-c       2-c     3-d     4-d     5-b     6-c     7-d     8-a     9-c     10-b

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