Q1. Select an endocrine drug which is a steroidal derivative:

a) Gonadorelin

b) Insulin

c) Levothyroxine

d) Hydrocortisone

Q2. Composition of Molisch reagent is

a) Alpha napthol + sulphuric acid

b) Beta napthol + sulphuric acid

c) Naphthylamine + sulphuric acid

d) Phenol + sulphuric acid

Q3. Purity of water can be assessed by determining one of its following properties instrumentally :

a) pH

b) Refractivity

c) Viscosity

d) Conductivity

Q4. Bisphosphonates are indicated in the following condition:

a) Organophosphate poisoning

b) Dementia

c) Steven’s Johnson syndrome

d) Osteoporosis

Q5. The following tetracycline has the potential to cause vestibular toxicity:

a) Minocycline

b) Demeclocycline

c) Doxycycline

d) Tetracycline

Q6. In the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Rules, the Schedule relating to GMP is

a) Schedule M

b) Schedule C

c) Schedule Y

d) Schedule H

Q7. Identify a rational combination which has clinical benefit :

a) Norfloxacin – Metronidazole

b) Alprazolam – Paracetamol

c) Cisapride – Omeprazole

d)Amoxycillin – Clavulanic acid

Q8. Tropane alkaloids are NOT present in

a) Datura stramonium

b) Erythroxylum coca

c) Duboisia myoporoides

d) Lobelia inflata

Q9. The synonym for ‘Sesame oil’:

a) Hydrocarbons oil

b)  Margosa oil

c) Maize oil

d)  Gingally oil

Q10. The drug of choice for controlling postpartum haemorrhage is:

a) Oxytocin

b) Methylergometrine

c) Dihydroergotamine

d) Prostaglandin E2

1-d ;    2-a;       3-d;       4-d;          5-a;          6-a;     7-d;      8-d;        9-d;        10-b