Q1. Mature erythrocytes do not contain
a.Glycolytic enzymes
b. HMP shunt enzymes
c. Pyridine nucleotide
d. ATP

Q2. Absorbance and transmittance are 

a. Directly proportional
b. Inversely proportional
c. Linearly proportional
d. Not related

Q3.  Thiotepa, a cytotoxic agent, is assayed by titrating with 

a. HCl
b. HClO4
c. Na2S2O3
d. KMnO4

Q4. Any viscometer can be used for determining viscosity of …….systems
a. Newtonian
b. Non-Newtonian
c. Both  of the above
d. None of the above

Q5. Picking process occurs in tablets due to

a.Due to entrapment of air
b. Due to moisture content
c. Both  of the above
d. None of the above

Q 6. The IUPAC name of Pethidine is, 

a. RS-dimethyl[1-phenyl-3-(phenothiazin-10-yl)propyl]amine
b. Ethyl-1-methyl-4-phenyl-piperidine-carboxylate
c. RS-1-isopropylamino-3-(1-nephthyloxy)-propon-2-ol
d. Propyl-4-carbamoylmethoxy-3-methoxy-phenyl acetate

Q7. Electrical driving of charged molecules into tissue is known as

a. Iontophoresis
b. Sonophoresis
c. Electroporation
d. None of the above

Q 8. List of minimum equipment necessary for running of pharmacy is given in schedule

a. M
b. N
c. Q
d. R

Q 9. The conversion of deoxyuridine monophosphate to thymidine monophosphate is catalysed by

a. Ribonucleoside reductase enzyme
b. Thymidylate synthase enzyme
c. CTP synthase enzyme
d. Orotidylic acid decarboxylase enzyme

Q 10. The poison act passed in the year,

a. 1857
b. 1919
c. 1948
d. 1971


1-c;         2- b;        3-c;          4-a;        5-b;          6-b;    7-a;       8-b;           9-b;        10-d