Seminar on ‘Medical Electronics: International Collaborations & Financing for Manufacturing in India’

Seminar on

Medical Electronics: International Collaborations & Financing for Manufacturing in India

on Friday, 4th Novermber 2016, at Chandigarh

The objective of the Seminar would be familiarize the Industry on this opportunity which exists in fulfilling this gap which is likely to only widen as the healthcare services reach out to semi-urban and rural areas. The seminar will also throw up opportunities for foreign collaborations for technology transfers and financing for setting up units.
Against this backdrop PHD Chamber is organizing the above captioned Seminar on ‘Medical Electronics: International Collaborations & Financing for Manufacturing in India’ on Friday, 4th November 2016, at Chandigarh.
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TZ (Andhra MedTech Zone) aims to make India a self-sufficient and in fact an exporter of good quality and cost-effective medical technology. The AMTZ would include the following facilities:
– Plug-n- Play Infrastructure
– Regulators’ office
– Component testing centre
– Electromagnetic interference laboratory
– Medical-grade low vacuum molding, cabinet molding and injection molding centres
– 3D designing and printing for medical grade products
– Sterilisation & toxicity testing centre
-Radiation testing centre
– Warehousing
– Other facilities commonly required in the manufacturing of medical devices

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