Q1. Which part of Shankhpushpi is used as drug?

a) Roots

b) Leaves

c) Stems

d) Whole aerial parts


Q2. Identify an Dihydroorotase dehydrogenase inhibitor used as DMARD.

a) Methtraxate

b) Leflunomide

c) Azathioprine

d) Cyclosporine


Q3. Leaving group is

a) Positively charged

b) Negatively charged

c) Neutral

d) Both b and c


Q4. The most useful colligative property is

a) Relative lowering in vapour pressure

b) Depression in freezing Point

c) Osmotic Pressure

d) Elevation in Boiling Point


Q5. Brahmi (Centella asiatica) belongs to the family:

a) Scrophulariaceae

b) Umbelliferae

c) Leguminoceae

d) Acanthaceae


Q6. Corticosteroids are

a) Immunosuppresent

b) Ant-inflammatory

c) Antiallergic

d) All of these


Q7. World Cancer day is observed on:

a) 4th Jan

b) 4th Feb

c) 7th Feb

d) 7th Jan


Q8. Neer-brahmi is known by the botanical name:

a) Butea monosperma

b) Boerhaavia diffussa

c) Bacopa monniera

d) Alpinia galanga


Q9.  Which of the following drugs is atypical neuroleptic with antihistaminic activity?

a) Tiagabine

b) Quitiapine

c) Meclobimide

d) Fluvoxamine


Q10. Typhoid is

a) Air born

b) Water born

c) Soil born

d) All of the above


1-d;             2-b;           3- d;          4-c;           5-b;           6-d;          7- b;            8-c;          9- b;         10-b