Aah…. Even after 7 years, GPAT still remains an elusion. Elusion to every new set of students who face the exam. Consequently, it is a low scoring exam with GPAT 2016 topper scoring 242/500 and the general cutoff 115/500.
The main reason for this is the UNPREDICTABILITY OF EXAM.
Every exam be it CAT, AIPMT/NEET, IIT, AIEEE has a specific set of topics that appear in these exams without exception so by means of decoding  such topics, students are able to secure minimal marks, if not much.
The GPAT exam has not been decoded yet as in the years  2010, 2011 and 2012 the exam was conducted by MS University, Baroda and later it was taken over by AICTE. Since the exam conducting authority has changed, changes in type of questions was obvious.
The other big reason is the mode of exam, the mode of exam was earlier offline, but in 2013 it changed to online.
The scope of exam is yet another reason to some extent as the GPAT syllabus was made more extensive in year 2011 though it has been almost the same since then.

To an extent the unpredictability of date of exam is also responsible for its mysterious nature, in a span of 7 years the test date fluctuated between January to June. As per the recent trend, the exam date is in the month of January and often students have their final semester’s syllabus untouched till then.
The most important factor that makes GPAT exam hard to decode is its online pattern and more than one set of question papers.  Since the test is online, one can not bring the hard copy of exam questions outside exam hall and compare with previous papers to identify the common topics or questions. Also as per the version of test takers, the two set of GPAT exams  often differ upto 70 percent.

These above mentioned factors make GPAT exam immune to pattern prediction and hence the merit is usually low.  So, while you prepare for the exam, make sure you’re thorough with the syllabus, you never know what is going to appear in your set of exam.