Q1.   Potency of action of
a) Miglitol is six times higher than that of acarbose
b) Acarbose is more than that of miglitol
c) Miglitol and acarbose is equal
d) Oral hypoglycemic agents depend on the severity of hyperglycemia
Q2.   Which of the following oral hypoglycaemic drugs stimulates both synthesis and release of insulin from beta islet cells:
a) Glibenclamide
b) Phenformin
c) Buformine
d) Metformin
Q3. Half-life of interferon alpha is:
a) 18-24 hours
b) 4-16 hours
c) 25-35 minutes
d) 21 days
Q4. Vitamin-like compounds are:
a) A number of compounds, whose nutritional requirements exist at specific periods of development,
particularly neonatal development, and periods of rapid growth
b) Inorganic nutrients needed in small quantities in body
c) Organic substances needed in  very large quantities in body
d) Products of endocrine gland secretion
Q5.   Mega doses of which vitamin are some time beneficial viral respiratory infections
a) Vitamin С
b) Vitamin A
c) Vitamin  К
d) Vitamin PP
Q6.The drug acts in the distal convoluted tubule:
a) Loop diuretics
b) Thiazide diuretics
c) Potassium-sparing diuretics
d) Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors
Q7. Characteristics of Amphotericin B are following, EXCEPT:
a) Used for systemic mycosis treatment
b) Poor absorption from the gastro-intestinal tract
c) Does not demonstrate nephrotoxicity
d) Influences the permeability of fungus cell membrane
Q8.   Tick the antimycobacterial drug, belonging to second-line agents:
a) Isoniazid
b) PAS
c) Rifampin
d) Streptomycin
Q9.   Tick the drug used for leishmaniasis treatment:
a) Pyrimethamine
b) Albendazole
c) Sodium stibogluconate
d) Tinidazole
Q10. The mechanism of both topiramate and felbamate action is:
a) Reduction of excitatory  glutamatergic neurotransmission
b) Inhibition of voltage sensitive Na+  channels
c) Potentiation of GABAergic neuronal transmission
d) All of the above

1-A;        2-A;      3-B;        4-A;     5-A;       6-B;       7-C;           8-B;        9-C;      10-D

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