Q1.“Nicotinic” sites include all of the following except

a) Sympathetic ganglia

b) Adrenal medullary cells

c) Parasympathetic ganglia

d) Skeletal muscle

Q2. Dihydro-orotase dehydrogenase inhibitor used as DMARD is

a) Methtraxate

b) Leflunomide

c) Azathioprine

d) Cyclosporine

Q3. Which tissue has the greatest capacity to bio-transform drugs?

a) Brain

b) Kidney

c) Liver

d) Lung

Q4.  Pure opioid antagonist is

a) Nalorphine   

b) Pentazocine

c) Naloxone

d) Nalbuphine

Q5. A prodrug is

a) The prototype member of a class of drugs

b) The oldest member of a class of drugs

c) An inactive drug that is transformed in the body to an active metabolite

d) A drug that is stored in body tissues and is then gradually released in the circulation

Q6. Optic neuritis is the side effect of

a) Isoniazid   

b) Pyrazinamide

c) Ethambutol

d) Rifampin

Q7. Which of the following effects of epinephrine would be blocked by metoprolol but not by phentolamine?

a) Cardiac stimulation

b) Contraction of radial smooth muscle in the iris

c) Increase of camp in fat

d) Relaxation of bronchial smooth muscle

Q8. Aspirin is better absorbed from

a) Small Intestine   

b) Stomach

c) Lower part of small intestine

d) Colon

Q9. For a drug such as piroxicam with a 40-hour half life and being dosed once daily (i.e., every 24 hours), steady state will be reached shortly following

a) 1st dose

b) 3rd dose

c) 5th dose

d) 8th dose

Q10. Mefipristone is drug used for

a) Medical termination of pregnancy   

b) Hormone replacement therapy

c) For treatment of breast carcinoma

d) Treatment of Hot flushes

1- a;   2-b;    3-c;    4-c;    5-c;     6-c;   7-a;   8-c;     9-d ;    10-a

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