Q1. Tick the drug belonging to  nitrobenzene derivative:
a) Clindamycin
b) Streptomycin
c) Azithromycin
d) Chloramphenicol

Q2. Choose the unwanted effects of clonidine:
a) Parkinson’s syndrome
b) Sedative and hypnotic effects
c) Agranulocytosis and aplastic anemia
d) Dry cough and respiratory depression

Q3. Indicate the intravenous anesthetic, which produces dissociative anesthesia:
a) Midazolam
b) Ketamine
c) Fentanyl
d) Thiopental

Q4. Which of the following agents is an opioid antagonist?
a) Amphetamine
b) Naltrexone
c) Morphine
d) Disulfiram

Q5. All of the following agents are beta receptor agonists EXCEPT:
a) Epinephrine
b) Isoproterenol
c) Methoxamine
d) Dobutamine


Q6.  Tick the diuretic agent – aldosterone antagonist:
a) Furosemide
b) Spironolactone
c) Dichlothiazide
d) Captopril

Q7. Which of the following statements refers to 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 (calcitriol):  
a) The combined effect of calcitriol and all other vitamin D metabolites and analogs on both calcium and phosphate makes careful monitoring of the level of these minerals especially important to avoid ectopic calcification
b) Does not undergo enterohepatic circulation
c) Toxic to osteoclasts
d) Bioavailability increases with the administered dose

Q8. Vancomicin has the following unwanted effects:
a) Pseudomembranous colitis
b) Hepatotoxicity
c) “Red neck” syndrome, phlebitis
d) All of the above

Q9. Tick the anticancer alkylating drug,  a derivative of chloroethylamine:
a) Methotrexate
b) Cisplatin
c) Cyclophosphamide
d) Carmustine

Q10. Annual Pharmacist Registration is valid till
a) 31st July
b) 31st Jan
c) 31st March
d) 31st December



1-d;   2-b;    3-b;    4-b;   5-c;   6-b;    7-a;   8- c;  9- c;   10-d

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