1. Drug biotransformation phase I makes drugs ____ polar for metabolism and phase II makes drugs ____ polar for excretion.
a) More; More
b) More; Less
c) Less; More
d) Less; Less
2. Which of the following is NOT an effect of autonomic ganglion blocking?
a) Anhidrosis and xerostomia
b) Mydriasis
c) Tachycardia
d) Hypertension
3. Which of the following drug safety categories for pregnancy is the highest risk, where studies have shown a significant risk to women and to the fetus?
a) A
b) H
c) C
d) X
4. Tachyphylaxis refers to which of the following?
a) Responsiveness increased rapidly after administration of a drug
b) Responsiveness decreased rapidly after administration of a drug
c) Responsiveness increased rapidly after maintenance of a drug (hypersensitive)
d) Responsiveness decreased rapidly after maintenance of a drug (desensitized)

5. Toluene on Friedel Craft’s halogenation gives
a) ortho halotoluene
b) para halotoluene
c) meta halotoluene
d) Both a and b
6. What clinical trial phase involves small does up to profound physiologic responses,or up to minor toxicity (pharmacokinetics)?
a) Phase 1
b) Phase 2
c) Phase 3
d) Phase 4
7. Which is not the chemical constituent naturally obtained from Opium?
a) Morphine
b) Codeine
c) Narcotine
d) Heroine
8. Which drug is not belonging to family Apocyanaceae ?
a) Vinca
b) Rauwolfia
c) Kurchi
d) Gloriosa
9. The most common solvent used in oral preparations is
a) Water
b) Alcohol
c) Glycerine
d) Rose water
10. Benzalkonium is a_________ type of preservative.
a) Acidic
b) Neutral
c) Mercurial
d) Quaternary Ammonium Compound

1-a;   2-d;    3-d;    4-b;   5-d;   6-a;    7-d;   8-d ;  9- a;   10-d

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