1. Morphin is separable from its side alkaloids because:
a) morphine has a piperidine ring.
b) morphine has two methoxy groups.
c) morphine has phenolic hydroxyl group while the side alkaloids have none.
d) morphine has no phenolic hydroxyl group while the side alkaloid has it.

2. Active uptake of glucose is inhibited by
a) Ouabain
b) Phlorrizin
c) Digoxin
d) Alloxan

3. Ginseng saponins are of the …………… series.
a) lupane
b) ursane
c) abietane
d) dammarane

4. In an electrolytic cell the electrode at which the electrons enter the solution is called the ______ ; the chemical change that occurs at this electrode is called _______.
a) anode, oxidation
b) anode, reduction
c) cathode, oxidation
d) cathode, reduction

5. Aspirin overdose toxicities may treated by:
a) Acidic diuresis
b) Alkaline diuresis
c) Sodium acetate
d) Activated charcoal

6. All of the following insulin physiological actions are correct except:
a) Increase glycogenesis
b) Decrease gluconeogenesis
c) Increase lipolysis
d) Decrease glycogenesis

7. What type of compounds are formed through acid catalysed decomposition of procyanidins?
a) flavanone
b) catechin
c) flavonol
d) chalkone

8. Folic acid has tetrahydrofolate coenzyme activity which is based on the:
a) pyrimidine ring.
b) purine ring.
c) pyrazine ring.
d) pteridine ring.

9. An organic substance bound to an enzyme and essential for the activity of enzyme is called
a) Holoenzyme
b) Apoenzyme
c) Coenzyme
d) Isoenzyme

10. Many lead salts are often used as pigments. If PbSO4were used in an unglazed ceramic bowl, how many milligrams of lead(II) could dissolve per liter of water?
a) 43
b) 35
c) 11
d) 28

1-c;   2-b;    3-d;    4-d;   5-b;   6-d;    7-d;   8- d;  9-c ;   10-d

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