Q1. A drug has first order rate of reactions and half-life is 3 hours, the half life will be related to the following statement:
a) Increase when concentration of drug increases
b) Decrease when concentration of drug increase
c) Independent of initial drug concentration
d) decrease in-patient with renal impairments

Q2. The lack of function of bone marrow generally results in
a) Sickle cell anemia
b) Aplastic anemia
c) Megaloblastic anemia
d) Pernicious anemia

Q3. Lyophylization (freeze dry) method used for:
a) drying wet drugs to powder
b) powder sterilization methods
c) Hormone sterilization methods
d) Sublimation methods used in drying wet powder

Q4. Sodium benzoate is used as

Q5. What analgesic has withdrawn from market because of it cardiac heart failure side effect?
a) Celecoxib
b) Rofecoxib
c) Lumirocoxib
d) Diclofenac

Q6. Glutathione conjugation, a phase II metabolism produces which of the following
substance as derivative of its reactions?
a) Carboxilic acid
b) Glucuronic acid
c) PABA + Alcohol
d) Marcapturic acid

Q7. In some suppositories preparation, epinephrine is used because
a) It is vasodilator
b) Increase the rate of absorption of drug
c) It is vasoconstrictor, increase localized action
d) It is decrease absorption of drug

Q8. Which of the following enzyme catalyzes the ethanol to acetaldehyde conversion
a) Alcohol decarboxylase
b) Alcohol hydroxylase
c) Alcohol hydrogenase
d) Alcohol dehydrogenase

Q9. The functional group present in captopril is:
a) sulfonamide
b) Bisulfate
c) Sulfhydryl group
d) Nitrate group

Q10 High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) resolute means:
I-Resolution of one analyte from others in substance mixture
II-Resolution of solvents  
III- Resolution of stationary phase
a) I only
b) III only
c) I and II only
d) All of the above are correct

1-c;   2-b;    3-d;    4-a;   5-b;   6-d;    7-c;   8- d;  9-c ;   10-a