Q1. Which of the following  clotting factor found in blood
D-Factors 2, 7, 9, and 10.

Q2. Example of oils used in parenteral preparations, except
A-Sesame oil
B-Olive oil
C-Cotton seed oil
D-Mineral oil

Q3.Two drugs to be pharmaceutical equivalent, the drugs must:
I-contain same exipient
II-Contain it salts
III-Same therapeutic moiety
A-I only
B-III only
C-I and II only
D-II and III only

Q4. In gravimetric analysis, the purpose of carrying out a chemical reaction to form an insoluble derivatives which  is filtered off, dried and weighed is:
I-To ensures that certain potential im purities remain behind in solution.
II-To ensures that the precipitant is in a higher form of purity.
III-To ensure the specificity of the assay procedures
A.I only
B. III only
C.I and II only
D. All of the above

Q5. Anterior Pituitary secretes all of the following principle hormones, EXCEPt:

Q6. Amylase is an enzyme produced by pancreas what is true about amylase?
I-Amylaze is NOT secreted by pancreas
II-Amylaze breakdown starch
III-Amyaze levels are increased in pancreatitis
A-I only
B- III only
C- I and II only
D- II and III only

Q7. The fragment of sulpha drugs that produces sulfa allergy is
A- Trifluromethyl group
B- Sulfonamide
C-Benzene ring

Q8. Narcolepsi is
A-Excessive insomnia
B-Insomnia daytime
C-Excessive sleep at daytime

Q9. Benzalkonium chlorides is
A-Non ionic surfactants
B-Anionic surfactants
C-Cationic surfactants
D-Poly oxyalkylene derivatives

Q10. Compared to the sublingual tablet, nitroglycerine ointment is:
A-More stable
B-More effective
C-More prolong effect
D-More absorbed

1-B;    2-D;    3-D;    4-D;    5-D;    6-D;    7-B;    8-C;    9-C;    10-C