Q1. An antiarrythmic drug that is also used to control seizures
a) Phenytoin
b) Liganocaine
c) Bretyleum
d) Amiodarone

Q2. If wave length of electromagnetic radiation is 400 nm, then its wave number is
a) 20, 000 cm-1
b) 25, 000 cm-1
c) 30, 000 cm-1
d) 40, 000 cm-1

Q3. Which of the following is not a third generation cephalosporin antibiotic?
a) Ceftriaxone
b) Cefotaxime
c) Cefepime
d) Cefpodoxime

Q4. The source of radiation used in IR spectrophotometry is
a) Nernest glower
b) Sodium lamp
c) Deuterium
d) Tungsten

Q5. When Guanethidine & tricyclic antidepressants are coadministered, the results is 
a) Increase guanthidine activity
b) Decrease ganthidine activity
c) No effect on guanthidine activity
d) None of these

Q6.  Reduction (destruction) in the intensity of fluorescence is called as
a) Suppression
b) Depression
c) Sedation
d) Quenching

Q7. Imipenem belongs to the class of 
a) Penicillin
b) Cephalosporine
c) Monobactum
d) Carbapenem

Q8  Which of the following drugs is most likely to be effective against MDR strains of M. tuberculosis, including those resistant to streptomycin?
a) Amikacin
b) Gentamycin
c) Clarithromycin
d) Meropenam

Q9 Somatostatin, produced from gamma-cells of pancreas
a) Stimulates the release of insulin
b) Stimulates the release of insulin and glucagon
c) inhibits the release of insulin and glucagon
d) Stimulates the release of glucagon

Q 10 Streptomycin has no useful activity in the treatment of
a) Tuberculosis
b) Tularemia
c) Bubonic plague
d) Brucellosis

1.a;        2.b;        3.c;        4.a;        5.b;        6.d;        7.d;        8.a;        9.c;        10.d

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