Daily quiz 30 is yet another update to our series of GPAT MCQ/ GPAT questions. Our each quiz consist of 1o MCQs based on complete B.Pharm syllabus. At times there could be one subject or topic dominant in a quiz but we make sure the other subjects/topics get their due in upcoming quizzes. The answers to these questions is given at the end.


Q1. Heparin acts via activation of
Antithrombin III
b) Factor VIII
c) Factor II and X
d) Factor V

Q2. 0.9% w/v sodium chloride has a freezing point depression of
a) -0.500 C
b) -0.520 C
c) -0.560 C
d) -0.580 C

Q3. Doxycycline  

  1. is bacteriostatic.
  2. is broad spectrum antibacterial drug.
  3. may be administered in renal impairment.
    Which of the above statements is/are correct

a) 1, 2, and 3
b) 1 and 2 only
c) 2 and 3 only
d) 1 only

Q4. In India, the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) can issue an order to ban a drug on the recommendation of

a) Indian Council of Medical Research
b) Pharmacy council of India
c) Drug Technical Advisory Board
d) National Pharmaceutical Advisory Board

Q5. The trophic level of a given species depends on its
a) functionality
b) strength
c) number
d) size

Q6. The following properties of a drug encourage its accumulation in breast milk, except  :
high lipid solubility
b) unionized state
c) low molecular weight
d) weak acid

Q7. If Liquorice shows pink-red colour with acetic anhydride and H2SO4 then what is the chief constituent present in it
Triterpenoids/ glycyrrhizin
b) Steroids/ B-sitosterol
c) Flavonoids/ Liquritin
d) Coumarin/ Liquo-coumarin

Q8. Following adverse effects are rightly paired with a causative anti-malarial drug except :
Lichenoid skin eruption :   Chloroquine
b) Steven-Johnson syndrome   :    Quinine
c) Hallucinations   :   Mefloquine
d)  Prolongation of QTc   : Halofantrine

Q9. All of following statements about first order degradation are true, except:
its rate is dependent on the concentration
b) its half life is changing parameter
c) a plot of the log of concentration versus time yields a straight line
d) its t90% is independent if the concentration

Q10. Diphtheria is assayed by
Sham test
b) Shick test
c) VDRL test
d) Kahn’s test

1-A;  2-B;    3-A;    4-C;   5-A;   6-D;    7-A;   8-B;   9-D;    10-B

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