Daily quiz 32 is yet another update to our series of GPAT exam MCQ/ GPAT exam questions. The aim is to make life easier for aspirants looking for GPAT exam 2017 paper practice. Our each quiz consist of 1o MCQs based on complete B.Pharm syllabus. At times there could be one subject or topic dominant in a quiz but we make sure the other subjects/topics get their due in upcoming quizzes. The answers to these questions is given at the end.

Q1. Which of the following is NOT a result of excessive cholinergic stimulation, as would be seen with a nerve agent or organophosphate poisoning?

a) Diarrhea

b) Diaphoresis

c) Mydriasis

d) Nausea

Q2. In preformulation characterization of drug which of the following is to be considered

a) Solubility

b) PKa

c) Partition Coefficient.

d) Add of the above

Q3. Chlorpropamide metabolism is enhanced by

a) Ethanol

b) Diazepam

c) Lorazepam

d) Chloridazepoxide

Q4. The supreme governing body of Pharmacy education in India is

a) Medical Council of India

b) Pharmacy Council of India


d) UGC

Q5. Theraputic index basically represents a drug’s

a) Potency

b) Safety

c) Toxicity

d) Efficacy

Q6. What is the correct order of bond strength, from strongest to weakest?

a) Van der Waals > Hydrogen > Ionic > Covalent

b) Ionic > Covalent > Hydrogen > Van der Waals

c) Covalent > Hydrogen > Ionic > Van der Waals

d) Covalent > Ionic > Hydrogen > Van der Waals

Q7. Diacetyl morphine is popularly known as:

a) Smack

b) Opium

c) Codeine

d) Heroin

Q8. Which of the following Schedules was introduced in 2013

a) Schedule C2

b) Schedule H1

c) Schedule Y1

d) Schedule P1

Q9. Which of the following is not a prodrug

a) Sulindac

b) Levodopa

c) Codeine

d) Chlorpromazine

Q10. What clinical trial phase involves submitting a New Drug Application (NDA), monitoring, and reporting by clinicians using the drug?

a) Phase 1

b) Phase 2

c) Phase 3

d) Phase 4


1-c; 2-d; 3-d; 4-b; 5-c; 6-d; 7-d; 8-b; 9-d; 10-d

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