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Daily GPAT QUIZ 35 is another update to our series of MCQ GPAT QUIZ. The aim is to make life easier for aspirants looking for GPAT exam 2017 paper practice. Our each quiz consist of 1o MCQs based on complete B.Pharm syllabus. At times there could be one subject or topic dominant in a quiz but we make sure the other subjects/topics get their due in upcoming quizzes. The answers to these questions is given at the end. Scroll down to start GPAT QUIZ 35.


Q1. The IUPAC name for cinchocaine is………….
a) 2-butoxy-N-[ 2-( dimethylamino)methyl]-quinoline-4-carboxamide
b) 2-butoxy-N-[ 2-( diethylamino)ethyl]-quinoline-4-carboxamide
c) 2-ethoxy-N-[ 2-( dimethylamino)ethyl]-quinoline-4-carboxamide
d) 2-ethoxy-N-[ 2-( diethylamino)methyl]-quinoline-4-carboxamide

Prepare GPAT in 30 days.

Q2. The biological source for Cycloserine is…………
a) S.Orchidaceus
b) S. garyphyllus
c) S. lavandulus
d) All of the above

Q3. If carr’s index is 23-35 then flow is ……………
a) Excellent
b) Fair
c) Poor
d) Extremely poor

Q4. Multicellular branched covering peltate trichomes are characteristic features of
a) Hammelis
b) Humulus
c) Verbascum Thapsus
d) All of the above

Q5.  Which of the following drugs is used in digitalis induced arrhythmias
a) Verapamil
b) Phenytoin
c) Flecainide
d) Procainamide
Q6. Ca-oxalate crystals and starch grains are absent in…..
p) Fennel q) Stropanthus r) Nux-vomica s) Physostigma

a) p,q
b) p,r
c) q,s
d) r,s

Prepare GPAT in 30 days.
Q7. One of the drug that act as arterial vasodilator is
a) Hydralazine
b) Na-nitroprusside
c) Diazoxide
d) Minoxidil

Q8. Which of the following drugs is biosynthesized from Lysine?
a) Pilocarpus
b) Asthma weed
c) Aconite
d) Holarhhena

Prepare GPAT in 30 days.
Q9. The following drugs are used in benign prostatic hypertrophy ( BPH)
p) Tamsulosin q) Clonidine r) Mifepristone s) Finasteride

a) p,r
b) p,q
c) p,s
d) q,r
Q10. Aspartame is chemically…………….
a) Methyl ester of aspartic acid and phenylalanine
b) Methyl ester of phenylalanine and aspartic acid
c) Ethyl ester of phenyl alanine and aspartic acid
d) Ethyl ester of aspartic acid and phenyl alanine

1-C;  2-D;    3-C;    4-B;   5-B;   6-B;    7-A;   8-B;   9-C;    10-A

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