NIPER JEE-2016 TOPPER , Aaruti Sood bagged AIR 3 and AIR 13 in NIPER JEE 2016 and GPAT 2016 examinations in her very first attempt. Hailing from Palampur, Himachal, Aaruti did her early schooling from N.P.H. School, Haler and 11th, 12th from 16 Model School, Chandigarh. Subsequently she completed her Bachelor’s from UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES, Panjab University, Chandigarh.

The aspiring research scientist earlier wanted to be a physician but the God had some other plans for her. Being a NIPER JEE-2016 topper, she is presently doing M.S. in Pharmaceutics at NIPER, Mohali. Aaruti believes that self-study, systematic planning and practice are must for any national level exam. Here’s a glimpse of what she said during an interview with us.


Question: Congratulations on your success. Were you expecting to be among the toppers and how does it feels to be at NIPER, Mohali- The AIIMS,Delhi of Pharmacy?

Aaruti: Thank you so much for the pleasant gesture. Truly speaking, I was really confident of performing well in the GPAT before entering the exam hall and as I left the hall I was depressed since the paper was a little difficult. I could attempt only 91 questions and I had a impression that I would be struggling to clear GPAT 2016, what to talk of being the toppers. But the almighty has been gracious and I was able to secure AIR 13 with 210 marks. That was really a happy and surprising moment. My phone was flooded with calls from friends and family members for next few days until I put my phone back on silent mode to begin my preparation for the Bigger one -NIPER JEE.

Consequent to GPAT result, I was much confident and calm in NIPER exam. I anticipated to be among the toppers in NIPER, I secured AIR-3. I really feel blessed at the moment for being at NIPER, Mohali and at the same time I miss my Alma Mater.

Question: Tell us something about yourself?
Aaruti: As I already told you, I come from Palampur in Himachal Pradesh. Initially, I wanted to be a physician but now I desire to be a research scientist. I am a very simple and down to earth person.
I love playing badminton and cricket

Question: This must be a long journey to NIPER. Tell us about your family and friends who backed you all the way to NIPER.
Aaruti: Success is never one man’s show, its always a joint effort.
My parents have always been very supportive. My father encouraged me to give my best shot and not worry about the result. At times when i was not score well, my mother extended a much desired emotional support to make things better.My elder brother consistently backed me up and ensured that my moral is up through out the course.
My friends motivated me during the preparation phase and they have always been available for the amazing de-stressing exercise called gossiping. (smiles)

Question: Can you tell us about your preparation methods?
Aaruti: Just because I had a clarity that I’ll be taking GPAT/NIPER after B.Pharm, I  started preparing in my third year, that is, the 5th semester. I started right from the basics studying from the text books, revising them time and again. At later stages, I did opted for coaching modules, quick study material and senior’s notes for final revision purpose.

I consistently devoted 3 hours a day in addition to college studies during the week days and 5-6 hours on weekends in addition to coaching. I never believed in long study hours and focused on  quality study sessions of shorter duration (40-50mins with a break of 5-10 mins). During the last few days, besides revising important topics, I focused on taking online practice tests. I genuinely feel that  these final practice tests pushed my rank up.

So the bottom line is, the conceptual clarity of subjects, consistent study, periodic revision and ample test practice helped me in cracking two of the most competitive M. Pharma entrance exams.

Question: So did you join some coaching or was it your solo performance?
Aaruti: Certainly, not a solo performance. Like I said, success is never a ‘one man show’. Along with family and friends, my teachers at university and GPAT coaching guided me very well. It was their combined efforts that made it happen. And yes, coaching was absolutely required as I had to cover up enormous syllabus of final semester. GPAT happened in the month of January so almost whole of the final semester’s syllabus was yet to be covered at college then. Additionally, as GPAT is a computer based test, access to online practice tests was very much desired, and my coaching institute provided the same. Proper GPAT coaching proved really beneficial in the end.

Question: What is the one most important thing that you think helped you produce this marvelous result?
Aaruti: Umm…. Nothing as such. I guess regular study and a dare to study what otherwise are considered as the most difficult and boring subjects (laughs). Honestly, I opted for studying those subjects first which I didn’t like much. If you start with the most difficult subject, you would be able to devote more time and also more number of revisions till the very last. Accordingly, you will Let’s say pharmacognosy is often considered as a theoretical and ‘much to cram’ type of subject but this way I made sure that I revised it more often. Revision and recalling was much convenient with mnemonic technique.

Question: So any personal tips for future aspirants….the do’s and don’t’s list?
Aaruti: First of all, I would recommend aspirants to focus on giving their best and not on the rank. The syllabus definitely may seem enormous for the beginners, just like it did to me a few years back. But believe me, once you are into it, it will be much easier.

Here are the “do’s”

  1. Decide early and start early.
  2. Start with most difficult subject first and revise it often. This way you will be able to revise tougher subjects more times than the easier ones that actually require lesser time/devotion.
  3. Start with text books and not with notes. Add important points to notes only for quick revision. When you are reading a topic for the first time, read it in the most detailed manner.
  4. Don’t try to cram but try to understand. Understanding may take some more time but its lot reliable than cramming. Mind that understood concepts lasts forever while crammed things last a few days.
  5. Study alone but do discuss in group.
  6. Do not leave any subject completely. If you are short of time make sure you touch important topics of every subject.
  7. Make a study schedule and stick to it.
  8. Take as many practice tests as possible. If possible, take these tests on some online platform.
  9. Trust your teachers; they have already gone through this phase. If you feel teachers at your college are not able to spend time on you, seek professional GPAT Coaching.
  10. Stay positive and believe in yourself.

Here is a list of “don’ts”-

  1. Don’t be casual in approach, its not that easy as it may seem but a sincere preparation makes it easy.
  2. Don’t over aim and stress yourself. Everyone knows their limits so one should aim accordingly and if during the course of preparation you feel that you can achieve higher, reset aim.
  3. Don’t study from the notes ONLY.
  4. Do not waste time searching for free GPAT material on internet. You will never be able to realize what should be studied and what should not be. Consult internet for downloading previous year papers and clearing doubts. Random searching for accumulating GPAT/Pharmacy related material is often not worthy.
  5. Don’t practice GPAT mock tests offline, take them online. Pay full attention to post- exam attempt analysis, if your test series offer that.

6. Don’t get carried away and over attempt in the exam.

Question: Any final words??
Aaruti: Umm…. Being a follower of Robin Sharma, I would like to quote one of his
“Victims make excuses. Leaders deliver results.
So, i urge all the aspirants to make efforts to be a Leader not a victim.

                     Well, this was all about Aaruti’s take on GPAT and  NIPER. In the forthcoming weeks, we will be bring you more of such success stories to keep you motivated. You can write the questions you want to ask from toppers in the comment box below.