Daily GPAT QUIZ 37 is another update to our series of MCQ GPAT QUIZ. The aim is to make life easier for aspirants looking for GPAT exam 2017 paper practice. Our each quiz consist of 1o MCQs based on complete B.Pharm syllabus. At times there could be one subject or topic dominant in a quiz but we make sure the other subjects/topics get their due in upcoming quizzes. The answers to these questions is given at the end.

Q1. Mefipristone is drug used for

a) Medical termination of pregnancy
b) Hormone replacement therapy
c) For treatment of breast carcinoma
d) Treatment of Hot flushes

Q2. ‘Ternary complex’ refers to the state when
a) An enzyme forms a covalent complex with its substrate
b) An enzyme forms a non-Covalent complex with either a substance or a product
c) An enzyme that catalyses a reaction with two or more substrates, is concurrently complexed with both substrates
d) An enzyme complexed to a product, just after catalysis

Q3. Fermi-resonance occurs when
a) Energy of overtone more than fundamental mode
b) Energy of fundamental mode than overtone
c) Energy of overtone coincides with the fundamental mode.
d) None of the above

Q4. Cascariside A belongs to
a) O-Glycosides
b) C- Glycosides
c) N- and S- Glycosides
d) O- and C- Glycosides

Q5. Which of the following reaction does not occur in nucleus?
a) Glycolysis
b) Kreb cycle
c) Oxidative phosphorylation
d) Citric acid cycle

Q6. A Disease modifying antirhumatic drug is
a) Chloroquine
b) Paracetamol
c) Diclofenac
d) Aspirin

Q7. Diosgenin is
a) an alkaloid obtained form Dioscorea
b) a carbohydrate obtained from Dioscorea
c) a glycoside obtained from Dioscorea
d) none of these

Q8. Topotecan, a chemotherapy agent acts by

a) inhibiting topoisomerase I
b) inhibiting topoisomerase II
c) inhibiting thymidylate synthase
d) forming hydrogen peroxide which generates free radicals

Q9. Eutectic mixture of local anaesthetic contain
a) Procaine + Lignocaine
b) Tetracaine + Lignocaine
c) Bupivacaine + Lignocaine
d) Lignocaine + Prilocaine

Q10. The λmax of   CH2= CH- CO-CH3 is
a) 215 nm
b) 225 nm
c) 237 nm
d) 253 nm

1-a; 2-c; 3-c; 4-d; 5-a; 6-a; 7-c; 8-a; 9-d; 10-a

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