GPAT 2018 Important topics

With Just a few months in hand for GPAT 2018, its high time to revise & take ample GPAT practice tests. This is the time you should put the most of your efforts in assimilating what your brain has already captured. Rather than opting for studying new topics (especially of uncertain importance), the primary concern should be to revise what is already covered. Only when you are definite about the importance of a topic, that you have not already covered, it should be touched. As already conveyed in our previous articles, its not very easy to decode GPAT pattern. Still we took on it with most sincere and hones effort. We bring to you  a list of Subject-wise GPAT 2018 Important topics list.

 GPAT 2018 Important topics – Pharmaceutics

1. Physical Pharmacy: Must do topic for GPAT (5 to 6 questions)
2. Microbiology
a) Stains and types of staining techniques,
b) Rideal walker,
c) Chick martin test,
d) Antibiotic assay organisms,
e) Source of antibiotics,
f) Nutrition, cultivation, isolation of bacteria,
g) Sterilization methods, Organisms used for testing and uses
3. Biotechnology:
a) Antibodies types, their structures,
b) Types of hypersensitivity reactions,
c) Vaccines (remember which vaccines are killed, attenuated etc)
4. Forensic:
a) Schedules
b) Forms
c) Acts and their years
d) Organisation and their members
5. Unit Operation: Just basic information from these chapter including principles, uses and advantages of equipment.
a) Fluid Flow
b) Heat transfer
c) Evaporation
d) Distillation
e) Drying
f) Size Reduction
g) Mixing
h) Filtration and Centrifugation
i) Crystallization
j) Dehumidification and Humidity Control
k) Corrosion
6. Pharmaceutical technology:
a) Tablets, capsules and Aerosols (Most important chapters),
b) Suspension and emulsion (Suspending agents, Emulsifying agents, o/w n w/o emulsion and preparation methods),
c) Suppositories and semisolids (Bases only),
d) Microencapsulation (size ranges only),
7. Numericals:
a) Allegation,
b) Tonicity adjustment,
c) Displacement value,
d) Dose adjustments,
e) Alcohol over-proof and under-proof
8. Cosmetics (not in detail) : Nail polish film formers, lipstick constituents, examples
9. Pharmacokinetics: Basic numerical only, bioavailability
10. Parenteral:
a) Pyrogen testing,
b) Routes of injections.
c) Glass types and tests,
d) Rubber components,


 GPAT 2018 Important topics – Pharmacognosy

1. Plant tissue cultures,
2. Metabolic Pathway,
3. Marine Pharmacognosy,
4. Phytochemical screening of drugs
5. Analytical Pharmacognosy i.e. types of stomata, trichomes, ash values, lycopodium spore method etc
6. Classification of glycosides, alkaloids, tannin etc
7. Biological sources and constituent of drugs
8. Detailed study of- Senna, digitalis, aloe, opium, cinchona, ipecac, liquorice, ginseng, rhubarb, clove, fennel, dill, cinnamon

*Every year overall 12-18 questions are asked from pharmacognosy. Pharmacognosy is
scoring part as direct and easy questions (Biological source, chemical constituents, Microscopy, Chemical test and uses) are asked from it. So try to read this part carefully.


 GPAT 2018 Important topics – Pharmaceutical chemistry


1. Organic chemistry
a) Name Reactions (Aldol, cannizaro and claisen are most important ones)
b) Basic reaction mechanism ( SN1, SN2, E1and E2)
c) Stereochemistry
d) Rules like markonikov rule, Sytzeff rule
e) Stability order and reactivity orders

2. Pharmaceutical Analysis
a) Spectroscopy (Most Important)
b) Chromatography
c) Precipitation titrations

3. Inorganic Chemistry
a) Inorganic radiopharmaceuticals
b) Limit test
c) Acid-Base concepts
d) Buffer concept
e) Antacids

4. Physical Chemistry
a) Colligative properties
b) Electrolytes (effect of dilutions)

5. Biochemistry
a) Enzymes and co-enzymes
b) Amino acids

6. Medicinal chemistry
a) SAR (ANS, benzodiazpines and barbiturates important)
b) Isosterism
c) Prototype moieties of molecules
d) Starting synthesis material (markers synthesis important)
e) Steroid structure and geometry important



 GPAT 2018 Important topics – Pharmacology

Pharmacology is most important part for GPAT test. Do this part thoroughly. Some of the most important chapters in pharmacology is
a. Anti-diabetic drugs
b. Anti-cancer drugs
c. Anti-hyperlidemic drugs
d. Anti-adrenergic drugs
e. Anti-arrhythmic drugs
f. Prostaglandins

h. Diuretics
i. Antipsychotics
j. Anti-epileptics
k. Anti-depressants
l. Anti-platelet drugs
m. Opioids receptors