The preparation time is up for all those who have been diligently aspiring for GPAT 2017, investing huge amount of time, sacrificing pseudo-pleasures. It’s the time when you have to stop over cramming and strategies the exam day. Since you are well prepared, GPAT is a matter of 3 hours for you. How you spend these 3 hours will dictate your rank and of course the future career path. Before you launch into these vital three hours you need to mind the following tips to make the most of your preparation.

Before the exam

  1. Don’t rush through the syllabus: You don’t have to study anymore to perform your best. You are already done so don’t waste your time in rushing through whole of the syllabus. Don’t touch a new topic unless it is very-very important. If needed, pay attention to important topics that you get confused in.
  2. Don’t listen to others: Be calm and composed. Don’t get carried by hearsays. Some people around you may attempt to make you anxious to degrade your performance.
  3. Finish the formalities in advance: Get all the attestation work/ photocopy /certificate work done in advance and all the documents together at one place so that you don’t miss anything.
  4. Don’t take with you what is not required: Do not take unnecessary material like wristwatch, calculator, cellphones (unless unavoidable) etc. with you as they may not be allowed inside the examination hall and it would be your additional responsibility to take care of that also. Calculator is not allowed and for time you have count down timer running on the screen so even wrist watch is not a necessity.

  1. Have a visit to your exam center: If your exam center is close to your locality, make sure you know the venue location well else pay a visit. Also have an idea about the traffic situation at your exam hours and leave your home accordingly.
  2. Cozy sleep: Have a cozy, 7-8 hr peaceful sleep. Also you don’t have to get up too early as the exam time is 2:30 afternoon and you have to reach by 1:00PM so you have fair bit of time for a cozy mentally relaxing sleep.
  3. Eat Right: You are supposed to reach 1hr and 30 mins prior to exam time (as required by AICTE) for the three hour exam. Even if you reach the exam venue an hour earlier, you will have to spend next 4 hours (one hour advance + 3 hrs of exam ) without eating anything. So, it seems a good idea to have a mini meal before the exam (may be 1 hr before exam). Make sure your mini meal is low on sugars and fats.

  1. Reach in time: Move in advance to make for any unforeseen event like traffic, road blockage, tyre puncture or engine breakdown.
  2. Comfort yourself before exam: Visit washroom before the exam and have a glass of water before you enter the exam hall. You may not be allowed go outside once the exam starts.
  1. Meditate before the exam: Rather that chit chatting in exam hall, one should close eyes and meditate for a while before the start of exam. Meditation has immediate calming effect on our mind and is beneficial for thinking/ recalling activities.

During the exam

  1. Recheck you particulars: Before you start the exam fill in your particulars correctly and make sure you recheck. A slightest mistake at the point could cost you an year.
  2. Attempt Smart: Start with the questions that are easy and straight forward, for questions you have no idea leave them and for questions that needs some mental work, flag (Review/ view later )them for next pass.
  3. Don’t over-do or under-do Smart: Don’t over attempt or under attempt the paper. Consider the cut offs and respective difficulty levels of last few years and attempt accordingly. The Average top score for last 3-4 years is around 55% and avg cut off (gen) is around 25%. So, securing 30% net marks (or 35 questions net) seems a good deal for minimum qualifying criteria. If you are aiming for a top rank, don’t be a follower and restrict to 50% marks. Give your best shot. You could be the record breaker. Good luck.
  4. Don’t pay attention to your neighbour: Often the computer screens of other students are visible but don’t let their attempt impress you. You will find many students attempting all the 125 questions, don’t get carried away. Ignore them and pay attention to your paper only. Students making such huge attempts are often the one who come unprepared. Even if the screen is visible do not blindly copy the answers of your neighbour as you do not know his intelligence level.
  5. Don’t Rush through the questions: 125 questions in 180 mins means around 86 sec for each question. That’s too much for an exam that primarily involves theoretical questions. So you have plenty of time and there is no need to rush through. Read all the options carefully and pay close attentions to words like NOT, ALL, EXCEPT, BUT etc.

  1. Keep moving: As said earlier, you have plenty of time to spend on each question but that doesn’t mean that you have a licence to use that injudiciously. If you are struck on a question especially a numerical or confused between two options, don’t waste time on thinking. FLAG (REVIEW) the question and move on. Do come back to such questions only when you are through with all 125 questions at least once.
  2. Use the REVIEW/ FLAG option to your advantage: Don’t waste time on confusing questions. Mark them flag and move on. Even use this option when you are unsure about your answer or mathematical calculation.
  3. Dare to ask: If you are not clear about any instruction don’t hesitate to ask. Don’t feel ashamed of how others will look at you if you ask something too obvious. Others have got no business with you, feel free and clear your doubts for yourself. Refraing yourself from asking questions could result in serious performance deterioration.
  4. Call attention: Report immediately if your screen freezes or shuts down. In case of any unfortunate event, report the same in written and get a receiving of the same from the invigilator. Once you are out of hall, report the issue to AICTE on their helpline number 022-66258304 or email:

  1. Recheck answers: Don’t submit your paper without rechecking your answers. This could definitely rectify some silly mistakes already made. More importantly, as you are not allowed to leave the exam hall before 3 hours there is no point of submitting the paper in advance and keep waiting till the end of time. So when you know that you have to sit for three hours, why not use it wisely.

Pharmacognize wishes you ALL THE BEST.